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Téma: HARDWORK 001- Dj Lukas, O.B.I, Boris S., Leo Laker & Morison
  HardworkRec 2007-11-28 15:50:55  
  HARDWORK RECORDS The Djs and producers Lukas (BRA) and Spy (SPN) are lounching Hardwork, a new Techno label that is arriving in the record shops in the next days. This new label arrives in the music market with the vision of releasing high quality Techno. Music that has originality, power and energy. Keeping itself flexible considering the genre of music that the label works with. In the first EP tracks from Boris S (GER), Morison (HUN), Leo Laker (FIN) and OBI (GER) in partnership with Lukas (BRA). HardWork Records 001. V/A - "Green Dogs EP." A1 - Morison - Tameless A2 - O.B.I. & Lukas - Working hard B1 - Boris S. - Under my skin B2 - Leo Laker - Punk Listen the tracks and know more about Hardwork Recs.: Hardwork Records is distribuited by Straight ( Bye at Know more about Dj Lukas: Know more about Spy: Know more about the artists: Contact Hardwork:  


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